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The industry leader introduces the next generation of hydraulically driven ride-on power trowels.

The Whiteman series of hydraulic ride-on power trowels delivers a fresh new look plus all the features contractors demand from high-performance
finishing equipment. State-of-the-art hydraulics eliminates gearboxes, clutches and belts to create the most reliable and trouble-free design ever.
These remarkable machines will help improve your F-numbers and change the way you think about ride-on trowels. This high-performance
eight-foot class machine is powered by a 44-HP turbo diesel engine. With a top roto speed of 160-RPM this trowel
sets the standard for both ease of use and performance.

Electro-hydraulic pitch control enables the operator to simultaneously control blade pitch of both rotors
with a simple rocker switch

Ergonically designed seat provides excellent support to help reduce operator fatigue

Turbocharged engine provides
optimum performance while
reducing the maintenance
expenses of dual-engine

Frame design provides operator
with excellent visibility of the
finishing surface

Integral steps are provided
for convenience

Hydraulic drive motors for each rotor


trowel machines Whiteman Australia

Proportional hydraulic steering helps the operator move the machine effortlessly across the slab

Removable panels provide easy access to components for maintenance

Tubular steel tank design improves flow and cooling of hydraulic fluid

Lights are standard for illuminating night time and indoor work areas

Retardant spray system

Rotor Speed Control allows the operator to set the rotor speed and reduces the amount of foot pedal travel to relieve fatigue during low speed panning

Standard "Enduro" trowel blades last up to 50% longer than conventional blades
Operator's platform includes a built-in storage box for hand tools and accessories

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Engine Cooling
Blades Per Rotor
Rotor RPM
Path Width in (cm)
Fuel Tank Capacity gal (litr)
Run Time gal/hr
L x W x H
in (cm)
Operating Weight
lbs (kg)
Wheel Kit
Twin 60" Non-Overlapping
STX-55Y-6 Turbo Diesel Liquid 55 6 10-130 117 (297) 11 (42) 2.81 125 x 65 x 57 (318 x 165 x 145) 2270 (1030) EMR3
Twin 48" Non-Overlapping
Turbo Diesel Liquid 44 5 10-160 92 (233) 11 (42) 2.36 95 x 48 x 57 (241 x 122 x 145) 1855 (841) EMR3

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